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D4 Systems (formerly known as Data-4 Integrated Systems Inc.) has been bringing technology to homes and commercial properties for over 15 years.


We are a company focused on people

We are a company focused on people since our inception. This means we hire the best personnel and maintain a team that loves what they do, with a 'customer first' approach to our business.

Our consultants and technicians are trained to make sure that each client receives the best solution for their specific needs, whether a single home owner or large commercial client.


Technology makes life better

We believe that technology makes life better, and we can assist you as a trusted partner to bring the best home automation, security, or home theatre solutions to meet your needs.

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Here's what our clients say about us.

In these tough times you would think that customer service would be on everyone's mind and yet I have experienced many times where it has been lacking. But, D4 clearly strives to provide excellent customer service through their Techs and you have a winning formula.
Jason activated the security system at my house and then had come back to do a couple tweaks to the system. I continue to send him the odd email when I have issues or questions on the system and he always addresses my questions quickly and certainly knows the system inside and out. He has made the system less confusing for me and is very patient when trying to do some training with me on it.
The crew of guys you have are phenomenal. Kyle has been a great help, he is available whenever I have an issue and he has just been a pleasure to work with. Also Troy is a great kid, really like dealing with him as well.

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We love talking technology, whether you’re new to a home installation, or you’re ready to debate the latest cutting edge tech with our experts. For some, getting started with home automation can seem overwhelming. Alternatively, you are tech-savvy and know exactly what your space needs. We'd love to help, whatever your challenge.

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