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Your perfect home entertainment experience could involve an advanced theatre room with top of the line electronics or perhaps you're just considering pre-wiring for the future.


Seamless home networking

Your audio and video is likely to be streamed these days so you can’t forget when building or renovating how critical great a connection is going to be. D4 Systems can help make your home networking seamless.

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No more sticky floors and endless previews!

Prepare to curl up under your favourite blankets with a bowl of popcorn for an epic home movie experience. Make movie night the best night of the week. D4 Systems can set up a one touch theatre for any size of project. Your one touch home theatre turn on multiple devices, including:

  • TV or projector
  • Video sources
  • Surround sound system
  • Lowers a projection screen

The picture and sound are important but don't forget you can automatically:

  • Dim the lights
  • Lower the shades and
  • Change the temperature
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