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Home Automation is easier than you think. A huge selection of products exist in the home automation space. People want to make their homes “smarter”. At D4 Systems we believe you should only put technology into your home that can make your life easier. This is not the same solution for everyone.


Simplicity and convenience

Home Automation can be as simple as wanting your house to warm up before you get home on a cold Canadian night. Or, setting your living room to play the perfect music, have the right lighting, the ideal temperature, know your kids are safe in their beds and the house is secure, so you can sit down and relax to enjoy your evening – all automatically.

Get Started

New build or under construction? Talk to our team.

During your development and construction phase D4 Systems can lay the ground work for additional options as your needs change over time. Getting the right wiring in place will make it easier and much more more cost-effective to upgrade in the future.

Renovations? Retrofit.

If you’re doing a renovation we can also retrofit systems. We will work with the stage your home is in.


  • Multi-room audio;
  • Automated Blinds;
  • Notifications from room to room;
  • Thermostats;
  • Lighting;
  • Door locks and Security
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D4 Systems is a proud dealer of Control4®, a premium home automation solution.

We’re proud to work with many of the names you’re familiar with and we may be able to introduce you to some new technology that perfectly meets your needs. We want to know what your dream home can do.
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